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    Ainus Discriminados dentro o propio pais


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    Ainus Discriminados dentro o propio pais Empty Ainus Discriminados dentro o propio pais

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    Main article: Ainu people
    The Ainu are an indigenous group mainly living in Hokkaidō. The Tokugawa Shogunate tried to develop Hokkaido to counter Russia's growing influence in the Far East, but mostly left the place for the native Ainu.[citation needed] Then the Meiji government started development programs, increasingly aimed at assimilating the Ainu,[citation needed] outlawing Ainu language and restricting them to farming on government-provided plots.

    Many of the Ainu were also used in slave-like conditions by the Japanese fishing industry. As the Japanese government encouraged immigration of ethnic Japanese to populate Hokkaido, the Ainu became increasingly marginalised in their own land.

    At present, fewer than 20,000 Ainu are considered racially distinct.[citation needed] Most, if not all, of the Ainu in Japan are of mixed ancestry. 80-90%[citation needed] of Ainu now either ignore or don't know of their Ainu identity. Many customs and traditions of the Ainu have been lost, abandoned or annihilated by way of assimilation, and the Ainu language is no longer in common use.

    Only in the decades after World War II have the Ainu started to become aware of international aboriginal rights movements. Thus, as of late, some schools in Hokkaido have been established to preserve and revive the Ainu culture.[citation needed]


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